Oh that Arizona sky

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The shows put on by the clouds in Arizona are something to see.  Often throughout the year the Arizona sky is pretty boring.  A big blue slate with nothing to see but blue.  But then monsoon season comes along and the wow factor really hits!

Currently we’re out of the monsoon season here in AZ, but the clouds have still been putting on some amazing shows.  A few nights ago a storm cell develop just north and east of Point of Rocks.  And for a little while there we all thought we’d see a tornado for sure.

Fortunately no tornadoes would be seen that night.  Still, I was pretty freaked out for a few minutes as I watched the colors around me change massively.  A weird yellow / orange prevailed for a while, and then it turned to a strange purple / pink combination.  And the crazy cloud continued to build.

Unfortunately I didn’t notice the crazed Arizona sky until late in the cloud build.  My mind was focused on my client’s website at the time, and when I finally popped my head out of the Airstream I immediately grabbed the 5D and dashed up into the Granite Dells.  I missed out on capturing the whole cloud wall rolling toward the dells, but I’ve seen some great images by other people from the storm.

Even today we’ve had some pretty cloud formations above the Airstream.  It’s been a pleasant and cool day.  Restful you could say.  Puffy clouds with blue behind them, a slight breeze, and a quiet day in the park.

Tomorrow it’s back to grinding away on our latest project here at the Airstream.  Making great progress, but making sure to take enough time to step out of the trailer and take a look at the Arizona sky!


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