Arizona National Monuments Project

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Unlike our last push to help fund the Arizona National Monuments Project, this time we have been extremely quiet on social media?  Why you ask?

Busy with clients.

As I noted earlier on this site when we were pushing to do all of the National Monuments of the Southwest, in order to do a project of this scale we need some time to visit each of the monuments, document them photographically, and document them for the E-Book and Living In Tin.  Bringing total focus to a project often helps to get the project rolling.  And when our attention is on client work, well it needs to be dedicated to that client work.  And that’s what has been happening recently here.

So, with 7 days remaining on our Indiegogo project, we still have a little time to get more funds raised toward getting “A Traveler’s Guide to the National Monuments of AZ,” in publication.


In addition to the Indigogo project there are other ways to support the project.  Sign up over at and you’re supporting the project!  Not only are you supporting it, but you will get to see articles that go beyond just the National Monuments of Arizona.  Just last week we published the second October article at Living In Tin.  Each month you’ll see at least 2 new guide articles over there, and they are substantial.  The most recent one of the Vermillion Cliffs National Monument is a 25 minute read!  It covers a lot of information about places to visit there, where to stay, and making sure you stay safe while visiting.

So yes, 7 days remain on the fundraiser to get rolling on the National Monuments of Arizona.  Help get the word out, and help us get this publication to market!

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