One more Tuesday night with PyroKlectic

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excess (1 of 1)Ah, my friend Jay was going to come up for last night’s PyroKlectic practice, but unfortunately work got in the way.  It happens, and I’m sure we’ll get another opportunity to shoot the firedancers on a Tuesday night here in Prescott.  However, we won’t have a chance for a few weeks.

See, PyroKlectic’s members are going to be heading up to Burning Man shortly.  Appropriate, don’t you think?

I wish them luck with their performances at the gathering, and I hope they have big fun!  That’s always important.

This morning I’ve only started sorting their photos.  I need to make a “best of” collection at some point, whittle the shots down, and remove the rest of the mediocre shots.  It’s so hard sorting through and picking only a few, but it’s necessary.  My portable hard drive is crying about its capacity!  🙂

So, for a few weeks you won’t be seeing any more fire shots. But soon you’ll see the next Photographing Arizona Podcast, and it’s all about photographing firedancers.  If you’re desperate to learn more about shooting these types of photos I suggest you head over to Josh’s blog.  He did a great post and tutorial on how to get these kinds of shots, and better ones!  He’s definitely better at this type of photography, but I’m working on learning as quick as I can!

Keep in mind with today’s photos….no edits, no fine tuning, just me exporting a few because I’m frankly tired of sorting shots!  🙂  Hey, several hours saying, “No, yes, yes, no, no, no” gets tedious!  Hope you enjoy the shots.  Today I’m not putting the settings on because I’ve got to get to work (already at the gallery).  More detailed information will be available in the upcoming podcast!

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Whoops, I did edit one and only one....this one!

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  1. Rich, a little extra time left at the end of the day, and so I thought I’d put it to use looking back over some of your fire photos. Damn, I wish I’d been there, and bleep, I wish I’d taken some of those…
    Keep ’em coming.

  2. Post

    Bert, hope the travel is going well. The photos in this post are “so so”, but I do have some better edits now. Gotta post them at some point.

    I bet you’d have some fun at one of these performances. If you roll through Prescott again I’ll make sure to bring you to a Tuesday night practice!

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