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Photographing Arizona Podcast Episode 11: The random Coyote Buttes wrap up, early

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No, this isn’t the last Photographing Arizona Podcast on the Coyote Buttes / White Pocket Trip.  However, the video you watch here today is in fact the final video that I shot on the trip.

The past few days I’ve been sorting photos and video from the trip.  And the last video caught my attention.  It has me on camera for a long time rambling away.  I talk about the whole trip, off roading, photographing the area, my friends who came along, and a lot more.  The best part, a fence holds me up for the whole video.  Seriously, I was so happy to have that fence and I think when you watch this you’ll agree, it’s a good fence!  By the way, if you can’t tell in the video, I was exhausted.  It was a good but tiring trip!

Seriously though, I learned a good deal on this off road / photo trip.  The lessons will carry through to the next trip in the area.  I’ll be returning to Coyote Buttes / White Pocket / and Cottonwood Canyon Road over the next few months.  Exploring the area is great fun.

Finally, for those wringing their hands over what video comes next…….White Pocket.  And after White Pocket I’ll also pop up some video from off roading into these places.  Tom was kind enough to hold the Sony camcorder while we bounced through the area.  It’s shaky video, but fun video.

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    Bert, I want to go back again and again. Oh, and again.

    If you guys are popping down here this winter we will absolutely go into White Pocket. Personally, I think an entire day or two needs to be spent there. It was AMAZING.

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