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Photographing Arizona Podcast Episode 12: White Pocket, Arizona!

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Months ago I found some amazing books on Arizona and the Southwest.

First I found Laurent Martres series, “Photographing the Southwest.”  I picked up Volumes I & II.  Utah and Arizona to be exact.  The photography in the books is amazing and inspiring.  The books are more than a little worn now!  I’ve flipped through them more times than I can count.

The second author that inspired me was Michael R. Kelsey.  He’s written books on the Southwest as well, and  the “Non-Technical Canyon Hiking Guide to the Colorado Plateau,” has given me so many ideas.

One thing I came away with from each author was a sense of urgency.  There’s so much to photograph out here, and I’ve barely started.  So many amazing places to visit, I’ve got to get a move on!

White Pocket in particular was one of the places I had to see for myself.  Coyote Buttes too, but White Pocket really had my mind racing.  And thanks to a few inspiring photo / guide books I made it to White Pocket.  You’ve seen some of the photography on my site, but today’s podcast covers what it took to get there, and what the place looks like beyond a still frame!


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