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Started the week off on the wrong note

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Over the weekend I started having some jaw pain.  By Sunday night I had broken out the Tylenol in full force…….

Yesterday I popped by the dentist for an X-Ray.  The tooth that I’d had a root canal on back in 05′ is inflamed again.  Again!  You’ve got to be kidding, right?

Nope, not kidding.

So, today I’ll be seeing an oral surgeon.  I just started on Cipro last night, and I’m still in a good bit of pain.  Cross your fingers for me, I don’t enjoy this stuff.  It’s weird.  I brush twice a day, I actually floss, and I thought I did all the right things.  After my last root canal, and the medical issues the amoxicillian set off I’ve been very rigorous about keeping my teeth happy.  3 cavities in my life…..ugh.

If the blog is a little quieter this week it’s because I’m feeling a little icky & grumpy.  Who wants grumpy posts, right?

Almost wrote the grumpy post last night, but I backed off.  This too shall pass.  🙂

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