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Playing with a few more product shots

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Presented as shot. 0 edits or alterations. 580 EXII, and a 430 EXII used wireless.

Sure, it isn’t HDR, but I’ve been having fun with product shots. Doing these types of shots is necessary for the gallery. I’ll be updating the web site with new images for artists that haven’t already digitally imaged their pieces….so, work, practice, and fun all together!

This morning, while I wait for my MacBook Pro battery to recharge (trying one more recent suggestion that I’ll update about soon) I decided to come down to the gallery on my day off to toy with some product shots and do another class on

Hopefully the battery will successfully recover, but I have my doubts.

I played with several product shots today.  A few pieces from Fitch Pottery, several pieces from Rick Geib, and a fun little set from Spoonfed.

We really do have some cool artists showing here at the Ian Russell Gallery!

I must say, I’m getting better at product shot setup.  Even with that said, the bulk of the images needed some level of post processing, with only one exception (the first image in this post).

Below each image I’ve added a description of what additional work I did on the image, and what I used.

Well, there’s the quick morning post.  Off to watch another training video!

Hey, sticking to several of those New Year’s Photography resolutions.  Not bad!

One Spoonfed set. 2 flashes, black background. I dropped the exposure so you don't see flash glare, then I pushed the exposure up on the pieces only. All done in Lightroom2

One of Rob Drexel's unique pottery pieces. Exported the original to Photoshop to remove all the flash glare from the background.

One of Rick Geib's under sea images. Heavily edited in Photoshop to fix the black background.

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  1. Are you using any light modifiers such as softboxes or umbrellas? Softboxes will remove or reduce the flash glare as well as soften the light.
    Another possibility for smaller objects is a lightbox, which you can make yourself from pvc pipe and a cheap (low thread count) bedsheet. My husband made one of these.
    .-= dagny´s last blog ..A River Of Guns =-.

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    I do have softboxes and umbrellas. For these shots though I chose not to use them. Just trying to see what I can do with only the lights. Next step, the light modifiers. 🙂

  3. Next time you’re doing one of these, give me a call. I’ll help with the lights. Besides, I’d love to shoot some of the stuff in the shop.

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