Pondering the National Monuments of the Southwest guide again

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cactusAs many readers know, last fall we attempted a Kickstarter project to help fund the creation of a guide to the National Monuments of the Southwest for RV’ers and campers alike.  We didn’t get the backing we needed unfortunately, but that didn’t stop me.

Nope, not at all.

Our new site, Living In Tin, became the new place where the larger trip reports and guides would be built.  And subscribers to the site would have access to each place we visited, tutorials, videos and more.  And so far Living In Tin is off to a good start.  But it’s a slow start to be sure.

Each month we’re adding at least 2 articles, tutorials, or guides.  We’re trying to split working with clients and working on visiting each of these locations, but it makes for slow going.  And so my mind has been turning back to the question…..  How can we dedicate 6 months to really working on these places.

These things take time

Documenting all of the National Monuments of the Southwest is a big task.  And honestly I believe that when we announced our Kickstarter project I may have under estimated the time needed.  The past two weeks have demonstrated to me without a doubt, the larger monuments deserve at least a week of time each to visit and really get to know the surrounding area.

Talking it over with Bert Gildart this week, Bert also thinks a lot more time is required.  Given the number of guide books he has in publication, I’m going to trust his judgement on this one.  The bigger parks need more time to fully document them.

So, on this 2 week long excursion we’ve gotten to visit two National Monuments.  And the current visit to Organ Pipe is #2 for this year (we came down a few weeks ago as well).  After this visit I’m set for the next full article over at Living In Tin.

In summary, yup, I’m still thinking of doing the whole National Monuments of the Southwest project.  Just need to work out 2 things.  The time to do it, and the finances.  Another Kickstarter?  I’d love your input here.  Also, pop over to Living in Tin, take a look through the complimenatry articles, and pass along some feedback.  Would love to hear it!

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