Portrait Sessions with Prescott Photographer Rich Charpentier

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This year we’ve seen a big change here at R.L. Charpentier Photography.  Portrait sessions.  Who knew a landscape junky would add portraits to the list of services offered?

So, what have people been saying about working with me?

AWESOME!!! Rich is such an easy going guy it was easy for both my fiance and I to smile for the camera. He is so efficient, it took only 45 minutes to get over 90 shots AND he was able to find over 30 to show us. That means he knows how to capture and move on, no waste of time. I am excited he is willing to shoot our wedding this summer…Thanks Rich! Becky

One of the nicest couples I've met in a long time!

Becky’s session was a lot of fun.  And as a rule I don’t normally photograph weddings.  High stress situation where folks are acting a little too zany.  If it’s not a “bride-zilla” then someone in the party is usually stressing big time.  Plus with so many digital cameras out there, everybody else is trying to get in on your shot.  No fun.  But with Becky and her fiance I found their easy going nature, great humor, and wonderful personalities contagious.  When we wrapped up I said to my lighting assistant, “If they ask us to shoot their wedding, want to say yes?”  My assistant agreed, and days later we were asked to document the wedding!

If you care about color accuracy Rich is the man to talk to. He takes great pride in his work and it really shows. The best print reproduction in AZ bar none.  Josh

It’s not just about the shoot.  It’s about the print as well.  When you ponder getting your portraits done, how are the prints going to look?  Well, they better be great, the colors should be spot on, and the prints better be archival!

We had the most fun with Rich the other day…he did a photoshoot with my family of 6! We are so excited about our pictures, it was amazing to work with a true professional who really knows his art inside and out!  Anne

This was the image Anne's family wanted to create.

Anne & her family came in with some ideas.  They were looking to have a good time and produce some family images that you wouldn’t normally see hanging on a wall.  They told me what they wanted, and I knew they’d be fun clients.  So when we started the shoot I ran a few other ideas by them.  And of course they were game!

This was my crazy idea which the family went along with

Of course, I’ve got more reactions and recommendations, but I think you get the idea.  And we’ll be seeing more unique portrait work in the months to come.  My new VCards are in.  They’re little handouts regarding the portrait work I do.  While my sittings are more expensive than most in the area, there’s a reason.  I’m looking to do more and more unique composite work with my clients.  I’m looking for folks who want to create images that you wouldn’t typically get from your standard studio.  For instance, next week I’ll be shooting a tennis player who wanted some images with more punch.  Oh, there will be punch indeed!

If you’re interested in working with me on your own unique image project, drop a note, give a call, stop by the gallery and get one of my new advertisements……130 S. Montezuma, Prescott.  That’s on Whiskey Row folks, in the Ian Russell Gallery.

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