Preparations under way……Coyote Buttes in a few short days

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The gallery is closed on Mondays, but here I am in the office!  Go figure.  I’ve got a couple of items to get wrapped up here, some expedited web work over the next few days, and some other random wrap ups for print clients.

Have I mentioned I hate color matching Pastels and Colored Pencil?  If not, I’ll say it now.  Oils, water colors, acrylics…..all easy to match!  Pastels and colored pencil?  Yeah, tough ones for sure!

Currently I’m waiting for Ian.  We’re getting his calendar loaded up so he can get them in before the holiday season.  I’ve done my calendar experiment, and so far no bites.  Too expensive on short runs, and I’m not investing several thousand dollars into an inventory of something I’m not certain about…….

Alright, on to preparations.  Hit the store this morning for water, water, and more water.  Also a few extra bungee cords, filling two prescriptions, extra gatorade, and a few other miscellaneous items.  Since I got home from the last trip I’ve been working every day literally.  So, in the few snatches of time that I have I’m getting everything ready!

The truck is prepped, the pickup bed reorganized and ready for Tom & Josh’s gear.  Ken will haul his own gear in his Jeep.  We’re still going with 2 vehicles just to be sure.  Ken’s checked in with a few friends, and it sounds like we can get in to White Pocket.  Between his recovery gear and my new sand ladders we’re going to take a shot at it.

I’ll finish getting everything ready on my personal stuff tonight.  I’ll try to remind myself to take a few photos for readers.  🙂  And when I return I think I’ll get more into the whole “Novice Off Roader” concept.  As I learn, I’ll share.  That’s the standard MO here anyhow.

Well, off to get Ian’s images loaded, then a chiropractic appointment, and finally a meeting with Ken where we’ll go over maps, GPS points, and in between our conversation I’ll get some laundry done!

Whew……..I need a day to button up the Airstream and sleep!

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