Prices so low we’re practically giving it away…….4th of July Canvas Sale!

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The Tree, one of the fan favorites.

I’ve really got to work on my “announcer voice.” You know, the guy who does the voice over on TV saying, “Sunday, Sunday, Sunday….Monster Truck Rally……” Or the guy who does the voice over for the crazed discount announcement for your local used car dealership? Yup, gotta work on that voice!

So, here’s the deal, and I’m letting regular blog readers know first.  Ian and I are having an amazing sale for 4th of July.  And I’m letting blog readers know it ahead of time.  And if you’re interested, come in NOW rather than later, because it’s very specific.

Both of us are offering our current canvas gallery wraps for 50% off the weekend of July 4th.  No kidding.  We’ll pop signs up in the window next week.  But figured I’d put a sign on the Internet now.  I know I’ve got a strong local following on the site, and I thought I’d reward you guys for following along.

The S Curve

Doing 50% off on all of our hanging canvases is super cheap.  But we both want to get some new work out there, and we’re just out of space.  It’s that simple.

Notice I put “hanging canvases” in bold?  Yeah, there’s a reason.  Only what’s on the walls in canvas is 50% off.  We’re trying to move some hanging inventory, it’s that simple.  So, if you want a custom print on canvas the sale does not apply.  Sorry.  But really, printing something new doesn’t help me with rearranging the gallery now, does it?  🙂

What are we talking about for my images on canvas?  Plenty.  Here’s the list:

  • Planks (Vulture Mine) – 12×18 now $87.50
  • Desert Palms (Borrego Springs) – 16×24 now $150
  • Grand Canyon Monsoon – 20×30 now $250
  • Curves & Color (Paw Hole, Coyote Buttes) – 20×30 now $250
  • Hackberry Canyon (Grand Stair Case Escalante) – 20×30 now $250
  • Paw Hole Tree – 16×24 now $150
  • Cottonwood Cove Sunset – 16×24 now $150
  • Paw Hole Sunrise – 20×30 now $250
  • White Pocket Candy Land – 32×48 normally $850, now $425
  • Serving It Up (White Pocket, AZ) – 12×18 now $87.50
  • In the Pocket (White Pocket) – 16×24 now $150
  • S Curve (White Pocket) – 12×18 now $87.50
  • “The Tree” (Granite Dells) – 16×24 now $150
  • Everybody’s Hometown – 16×24 now $150
  • Everybody’s Hometown II – 16×24 now $150
  • St. Michael’s Hotel – 16×24 now $150
  • Industry of Vulture – 20×30 now $250
Check out "Stained" over at Annie's Attic.  It's the first time I've ever printed this one this big.  That means it's a number one!

Check out "Stained" over at Annie's Attic. It's the first time I've ever printed this one this big. That means it's a number one!

There you have it!  That’s my canvas hanging in the gallery right now.  Additionally I have a few pieces over at Coyote Joe’s / Annie’s attic.  The discounts apply to those pieces as well.  I’ve got a 36×54 of one of my favorites from the Vulture Mine called, “Stained,” there.  It’s normally $1100, but for this sale it’s $550.

Once the 4th is over, the sale is over.  Pretty straightforward, eh?

So, act sooner than later.  Once these canvases are off the walls, new ones will be normal price.  I know several folks out there who have been waiting on certain pieces, and now’s the time folks!

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