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Yesterday I posted about our “big” 4th of July sale, and the fact that all our canvases currently hanging are on sale.  I even listed off all of the names, but it was pointed out to my last night by my Aunt Sandy that she didn’t know all the names that went along with images.  So, below I’ve popped a gallery in of all the images currently on canvas that are on sale.  I missed a couple because the final edits are on the office computer, and I’m sitting at home in a T-Shirt and shorts waiting to do laundry right now.

Ah, the infamous laundry day.  Someday I’ll document the whole thing cause I know people want to know…..

Alright, here’s the gallery of most of the sale items, and below I’ll re-list the names, sizes, and prices!

  • Planks (Vulture Mine) – 12×18 now $87.50
  • Desert Palms (Borrego Springs) – 16×24 now $150
  • Grand Canyon Monsoon – 20×30 now $250
  • Curves & Color (Paw Hole, Coyote Buttes) – 20×30 now $250
  • Hackberry Canyon (Grand Stair Case Escalante) – 20×30 now $250
  • Paw Hole Tree – 16×24 now $150
  • Cottonwood Cove Sunset – 16×24 now $150
  • Paw Hole Sunrise – 20×30 now $250
  • White Pocket Candy Land – 32×48 normally $850, now $425
  • Serving It Up (White Pocket, AZ) – 12×18 now $87.50
  • In the Pocket (White Pocket) – 16×24 now $150
  • S Curve (White Pocket) – 12×18 now $87.50
  • “The Tree” (Granite Dells) – 16×24 now $150
  • Everybody’s Hometown – 16×24 now $150
  • Everybody’s Hometown II – 16×24 now $150
  • St. Michael’s Hotel – 16×24 now $150
  • Industry of Vulture – 20×30 now $250

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    Oh yes, all the unframed loose prints are also marked 50% off, including the heron and frog. Never really named that one, but I guess we could call it “Lunch.” 🙂

    Once the unframed prints are sold out of the bin re-prints will be full price. The sale is an effort to help us move some pieces and re-arrange again. So, it applies to what is on display currently.

  2. Meant to get back in there with my sis, but we got busy. If you still have “Lunch”, let me know. I want that puppy!

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