Projects, projects, projects…..

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The past two days I’ve been extremely distracted.  New advertising layouts for AZ Collector’s guide, working on my class listings, and creating a new single piece flyer for my portrait services.  There are other little side projects as well, and in between printing I’ve been playing in Photoshop creating new documents.

Today I thought I’d share my new little 3.5×8.5 double sided advert for my portrait work.  It’s not quite done, but it’s the reason I haven’t blogged in two days.  Figured you might want a peek!

Love to get some feedback from readers on the concept.  It’s not finished or polished, but you know my policy here.  I always put the unfinished and unpolished up on the website.  Why?  Cause it’s a blog, that’s why!  🙂

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