Waiting for the show

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Ah, 4th of July weekend.  Photographers everywhere are gearing up and getting ready for the fireworks.  Fun to shoot, ever so much fun!  But here in Prescott that’s not the show I’m waiting on……  oh no.

This year’s monsoon season looks to be a little early.  Several days now the cloud builds have started.  The big stack up cotton balls are early.  And that’s gotten me all excited for this year’s monsoon season.  Sure, fireworks.  But how about amazing clouds backing mountains, open plains with a wall of clouds looming in the distance, stunning red rocks with nature’s own fireworks?  Yeah, that’s the show I’m waiting for.  And this year I have some location ideas.  Now I’ve just gotta find the time to be sure I capture what looks to be a great season!

I think Chino Valley saw some monsoonal action today!


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