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My mind seems to keep taking me back to the North Rim.... I wonder why?

No, “Random Post Tuesday” won’t be a regular feature here.  It’s just a title, so don’t worry!  🙂  With many blogs doing “No Blog Wednesdays,” or guest blogs, or other such stuff, you don’t have to worry about some type of regular feature here.  I’m keeping it all random.

A Little Surprised

Talking with Josh Gosell yesterday I was told he was a little surprised by the original image of Renato.   He didn’t realize that the original was so poorly exposed.  So, I’ll explain to you here what I told him.

I’d literally just setup a Lastolite Chroma Key background over at the Art Store.  Renato happened to be wandering around the back area of the store and asked me what I was doing with the big white softbox like thing.  My response?  I’ll show you…..stand here please.

Now, 2 430EX II’s were setup wireless into the chroma key and ready to go.  I hadn’t setup any other lights, so the only light source was ambient and what came off the Lastolite behind Renato.  So yes, he didn’t get the exposure he should have.  But hey, I wasn’t even done setting up yet.  It was literally my first shot with the gear, and it was the test shot!

So, how did he get fixed up and receive the proper lighting after the fact?  Lightroom 3.  🙂

HDR can be done in a way I can appreciate

A new reader dropped a note directly to me this morning, and I really wanted to share part of what jumped out at me.  The reader sent along the following:

I just wanted to tell you that I found you through googling info regarding the White Pocket and that I have enjoyed reading your blog and have learned a number of things from it already (INCLUDING, HDR can be done in a way I can appreciate) 🙂 That alone has made me consider buying Photomatix and to start playing with it!

Thanks for the contact, and for your thoughts about HDR.  It is more versatile than people think.

When I first started playing with HDR a few years ago I went for the really over done look.  Come on, that’s cool too in some situations and everybody knows it.  Making near alien scenes out of everyday stuff?  That’s fun!  Of course, after a while I think we all want to get back to reality.  And I’ve been working on that for a while now.  Real world HDR.  Using it to bring the actual scene to life for the viewer.  Yup, and I’m still working on it.  That’s part of what I’ll be sharing in my new full length video DVD…….Nice hand off to the next subject, don’t you think?

A Digital Photographer’s HDR Workflow

Just when I thought the DVD was put to bed, I decided to add a little more.  In total there will be 3 unique workflow segments using 3 distinct locations.

The longest set of lessons takes place here in Prescott.  Several hundred images captured.  We walk through the complete Lightroom3 setup, flagging and rejecting images, searching on images, and managing the catalog.  Once that’s through we’re off and running with Photomatix.  Super real HDRs and super surreal HDRs as well.  After working through several images we move on to exporting to Photoshop for additional work on images, and the Topaz Suite pops up here and there.

The longest session doesn’t assume that you’ve used Lightroom before, so we really get into the catalog setup, and using the powerful functionality of LR3 to manage a lot of images quickly.  The next two sessions are quicker and assume more LR3 knowledge.  That’s where we just get to play with the workflow!

The most recent trip to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon has been added as one additional session, and several sets of images from the Vulture Mine are the final session.  In total, more than 3.5 hours of instruction.  I’ll be posting ordering information very soon…….

If you’ve wished you could come along on one of the in person classes but can’t get out here any time soon, I think this DVD will give you a good feel for all we do in the class!

Goodbye to July & August!

Gotta tell you, I’m glad to see these months hit the history books.  Like last year, my worst months of the year (so far).  Hopefully September will see a turn around, just like last year.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.  Tourist season in Prescott.  Folks up from the Valley, right?  Events on the square constantly, activities galore, etc, etc, etc……..  You’re right, all this does go on, but guess what.  It doesn’t translate to revenue for my business.

Tsunami, the Blue Grass Festival, World’s Oldest Rodeo, 4th of July, and all the rest of the shows on the square actually hurt my business.  See, what happens is folks come here for those events.  They go straight to Whiskey Row and the Square, and the bulk of their time is focused only on those areas.  If you’re not right in that zone you get bypassed a lot!  Well, that’s my experience at least.

I think what happens is visitors get tunnel vision.  Sure, they park right in front of the gallery, but then they spend 6 or 8 hours wandering the perimeter of the Courthouse, Cortez, Gurley, & Whiskey Row.  They don’t venture further out, even if the open parking space was right in front of your shop.  I have had folks come in at the end of their event day observe, “Wow, we never knew you were here.  Wish we’d stopped in here first before we bought art on the square…….”  🙁

Come on September!  We need a good month!!!

Finally, 4th Friday Artwalk

I’ll give you a fun teaser…….  September’s 4th Friday Artwalk (September 24th) promises a very interesting show here at the gallery.  I’d suggest stopping by.  Casey Fritz will be showing here, and if you’ve seen his “Giant Robots” over at the Raven earlier this year, you know it will be a fun event!

A new take on ET from Casey Fritz!

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