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Re-Post of a podcast from the other week

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A few weeks ago while over on Lake Havasu I put together a quick video on bringing the podcasts back.  The video was posted over at YouTube, but I decided to re-post it “in house,” on my own server adding to the revived podcast feed.

And yes, the podcasts will become a little more interesting.  Settling back into the whole routine.

Oh, and just so you know.  You can watch the podcasts on this site, download, & subscribe through ITunes.  If you’re watching on the site you can make the player larger, as I am setting up the new ones HD and resizable for full screen.

Finally, I’d love some opinions here.  I have 26 “Photographing Arizona” podcasts already loaded on the server that I’ve done over the years.  They cover photo editing, Lightroom, HDR, trips to the UT / AZ border, etc.  Should I re-post them to get them in the ITunes subscriber feed?  Any interest?  Let me know.



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