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Location Scouting & RVillage

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There was no post yesterday, but so much to post about.  So, this morning I’ll make up for that.

The first order of business for the day was location scouting.  I had an idea for Saturday’s shoot, and it had been a while since I visited this particular location.  Bumble Bee & Cleator AZ were the destination.  Where the Airstream is parked actually put us really close to the exit off of I-17.  What I forgot though was how long the dirt washboard road was.

Approaching Cleator and watching the clock I realized the location I had in mind was going to be bad for Saturday’s model.  Well over 2 hours of driving time.  All for a “maybe” as far as what we are looking to do.  So, several hours off road proved to me that it’s not the location we want.  Bummer.

Still, it was a fun ride up through Bumble Bee.  I haven’t been out that way in years, and Jodi has never been there.

In the end, we’ve selected a location over near Wickenberg.  Great desert scenes out there.  Not too long ago I would have suggested the Vulture Mine as there’s fantastic desert mixed with a ghost town.  But given the fact the mine is operating again you can’t just wander around anymore.  It’s too bad, I think our model would have loved it.  But she’ll still love where we’ve chosen to shoot.


A little over a week ago I read a thread about a new website.

RVillage is another social media site.  But it’s a little different from others.  It’s not a Facebook, or a Twitter, or anything like that.  This site is all about RV’ers, and about connecting up with other folks traveling the country.

The site is currently in Beta at the moment, but even though it’s in Beta folks are joining up like crazy.  And after looking around the site for the past week I’ve gotta say, I like the concept.

RVillage helps you connect with other RV’ers across the country.  You can actually see where others are through group maps (check out the maps and you’ll notice a link to AllStays).  Join a group, find out where everybody is.  Pull into a park, “check in” on the website, and find out who else is staying at the park with you.  Personally I see a lot of potential in this.

So yesterday there was a small “get together” planned in Phoenix.  The CEO of RVillage is on the road right now, and go figure he’s in Phoenix.  He put out a get together notice on RVillage, and we decided to go be social.  It was a fun evening.  Better than just being fun, we met a lot of really cool people.

I think RVillage just might be a social media site I watch regularly now.  It’s still growing, and still being updated with new features.  So far I’ve met some really great RV’ers on it, so why not see where it goes.  If you’re an RV’er and you’d like to keep up where your travel buddies are, I’d suggest signing up for it.


An RVillage gathering in Phoenix

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