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This morning I got a call from my good friend Bert Gildart.  We were talking about where he and Janie are off to next, about what I’m up to, etc.  Just your standard catch up phone call with a friend.

Bert also had a quick question about managing video in Lightroom.  I’m a bit of a Lightroom expert you could say.  When I used to offer Lightroom classes in Prescott I got great response.  I got even better response on the DVD’s I’d give students, covering everything we did in the class.

So, Bert’s question this morning was on getting a still out of a video file.  He’s running around with a GoPro now, just like me.  Photo geeks, we love new tech.  And Bert was having a tough time getting the still capture to work right.  So I told him to give me 5 minutes and I’d make a quick video for him.  The resulting video is here.

How often do you call a friend with a question and get your own tutorial video?  Yeah, I’m an odd duck to be sure.  🙂

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  1. OK. If selling video tutorials isn’t part of your business plan, why not?

  2. Post

    Allen, I have a very simple answer for you.

    Scott Kelby. That’s the answer in 2 words.

    Scott has an amazing instructional site. It used to be KelbyTraining, but now it’s KelbyOne. For a yearly fee training videos on Photoshop, Lightroom, photography, design, and so many other things are available. I’ve been a subscriber for years.

    I think my Lightroom classes are actually on par with some of the best out there, but honestly I don’t have the branding or marketing behind me. Want a class on Lightroom. Kelby and Lynda.com pop up on any web search.

    Personally I’d love to work for Scott. His training site is incredible, and the contributors are amazing as well!

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