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When an image clicks

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Ah, any closer and I would have tried to abduct Joe McNally’s book title, “The Moment It Clicks.”  One of my favorite photography books of all time.  If you’re into photography and you haven’t read it…..well, for shame, for shame.  Once you’re done reading this post go buy it.

Seriously though, sometimes an image just clicks.  For you car junkies out there, it’s firing on all cylinders.  In other words, it works, and works really well.  Yesterday I captured one of those images.


Pictures, good pictures, are worth 1000 words easy. Meeting our subject for the day I’d say this one tells a ton about her.

Yesterday we got to shoot with Kathryn.  Her Senior photos, and images for the project we’re currently working on as well.  2 birds with one stone (poor birds).  And the shoot was a lot of fun.  Her family was with us, her boyfriend was along as well, and I think everyone had a good time.

As I’ve only met Kathryn once before in person, I didn’t know her personality very well.  But as we started working together the personality came through loud and clear.  She’s a cut up, enjoying laughter and life ….  That seems to be her.  She was fun to be around, and she had a good time with everything we did.

As I sorted images for the first time last night after returning from a long trek and hours of shooting, I found this image and looked at it.  She was talking off camera, I think to her boyfriend.  And there was genuine laughter and comfort.  Looking at the image, for me at least, I caught everything I could say about Kathryn in a single snap.  It will be a long term favorite image that I’m proud to say I captured.

Now, does that mean it’s the best in the series?  Are mom and dad going to want to print a 40×60 canvas of this?  Will other people find other favorites?  Of course they will.  And maybe mom and dad will want a 40×60 life sized image since she’ll be heading off to college in a few months…..  😛

After sorting out the images yesterday and today I found many gems.  It just happens that this image was a gem for this photographer.  It really did “click” when I saw it.  And I already know Kathryn has a different favorite, but that’s okay.

And just so you know I’m not joking about this being a super fun shoot I’ll leave you with one more image, which also says a ton.


Happy days in the Airstream Photo Lab.  It’s always great when you get to share this much enthusiasm!


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