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As I sit here sorting through a ton of wedding photos (well, not a literal “ton”, they are digital) I started thinking about some of this weekend’s shots.  Your standard fare of “I Do’s”, the couple, the groomsmen, the brides maids, etc.  It’s what you regularly see from weddings.

In addition to the standard fare we ended up with a lot of the detail images as well.  The first thing that should spring to your mind is the cake…..

Beyond the cake there are so many other detail shots.  Rings, shoes, dresses, etc.  Sometimes the details get overlooked or forgotten.  Happy to say our crew kept those details in mind.





Of course, we also went well beyond just the little details.  The big picture was also in mind for our pictures.

The most amazing part?  3 days later I’m still exhausted!  And of course, selecting images for client review and edits.  I’ll be at it tomorrow and Thursday for sure.


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  1. Great work Rich. Love the composition and detail of the images.

    Please remove Studio 06 from your Arizona Links.


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