Portraits Across America – Let’s give it a whirl!

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What's missing from this image? You!

Weeks ago I had mentioned an idea about doing portrait work across the U.S. while traveling back to New England to visit family and friends.  I’m here today to say we’re going to give it a try, but we’ll need the help of readers across the country to get the word out!

Amazing backdrops deserve fun portraits in front of them

So, here’s the plan.  On Saturday August 4th the Airstream will be hitched up and head out with New England as the final destination.  As we make our way across the U.S. we’d like to do portrait sessions for folks enjoying their favorite vacation locations.  Who needs the standard vacation snap shots when we can help capture timeless images with individuals and families alike?

The schedule?

Santa Fe, New Mexico – This will be the first stop where a shoot would be possible.  The beautiful mountains of Santa Fe would be an excellent backdrop.  The last time I stayed there I discovered the deep greens in the mountains and some amazing camping locations.  Approximate shooting date August 5th.

Colorado Springs, Colorado  –  This will be stop number two (or somewhere close by).  I’ve spent time in the “Parks” not far from Colorado Springs.  Breathtaking, and an amazing area to do some portrait sessions.  Approximate  shooting date August 7th.

Lincoln, Nebraska –  The open plains of North America are something that never cease to amaze me.  They’re also a great area to do family portraits.  I’ve camped in Nebraska for nearly a week, and it’s something to see.  Approximate shooting date August 9th

Peoria, Illinois – I haven’t traveled across Illinois since back in my wireless days.  It’ll be something completely different.  I’m up for suggestions if folks have favorite parks in the area!  Approximate date August 11th.

Columbus, Ohio –  The last time I’ve been through the area was 2002.  I know there are many great parks outside of Columbus, and I have several friends that live in the area.  Approximate date August 13th.

Erie, Pennsylvania –  On this trip I’d really like to do a photo shoot on one of the Great Lakes.  I’m a water person, and summer vacations are all about being on boats and lakes.  So, somebody in this area could take advantage!  Approximate date August 15th.

Schenectady, New York –  There’s more to NY than just NYC.  Beautiful lush green country.  I’ve been all over the northeast and the green is amazing.  Approximate date August 17th.

Sutton, MA – Arriving in Sutton around the 18th of August.  Ah, what could be a fast road trip will actually take 2 weeks stopping to photograph for folks.  The hope is to stay in the area from the 18th-25th.  I know many great places for individual and family photo shoots.  Purgatory Chasms, all the lakes in the area, the old mill buildings in surrounding towns.  Campgrounds abound, everybody’s out on their boats, etc.  During the week in the area we’ll be available to shoot anytime folks want us to!

Of course, the locations and dates are a little flexible.  This trip will be planned as much by clients as by ourselves!  This itenarary can change locations easily, but giving you a rough idea of the “eastward” part of the trip.

The Return Trip

Heading back to Arizona on the 26th the states we’ll be passing through are Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia (with a special stop in Damascus), Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and finally, Arizona.  The plan is to be back by September 15th at the latest!  I’ll work out more details and include them here soon.

What will it take to make this happen?

Okay all the cards on the table folks.  To make this happen I need you, your friends, your families, and anyone you know who would like a very different type of portrait session.  We need to do 3 photo shoots a week in order to pull this off.  And we need feedback on this post before July 1st to really know a plan is in hand.  What do clients get from the Portraits Across America Airstream Trip?

–  3 hours of shooting time with yours truly.  Multiple changes of clothing are allowable.  We’ll shoot at a location of your choice along the trip path.  National Parks, State Parks, BLM, Forest Service locations.  This is about making amazing images of your favorite vacation locations with the people you like to share them with.

–  4 8×12 matted archival prints sent to your home after you’ve selected them in your online gallery.  10 5×7’s prints of your choice as well.  That’s more than $250.00 worth of studio archival quality prints.

–  A DVD slideshow of our selected photos for you once our trip is over.

Your Investment (Don’t you love how we photographers talk pricing in terms of investment)

Actually, the images captured are an investment.  How many people do you know who have been professionally photographed in their absolute favorite vacation spots?  Not many, if any.

Each session (up to 3 hours of shooting time) will run at $500.00.  You can have up to 5 people in your party for group shots and individual portraits as well.  We’ll actually be spending the day ourselves at the location of your choice and do not have to cram all the photography into 3 hours straight.  That means we can shoot at dawn, dusk, or any time of the day.  Maybe a sunset photo on your favorite lake?  Yeah, now you’re getting the idea.

So, what now?

What I need now is simple.  Share this with your friends, family, and anyone you know who loves outdoor vacation spots.  Show them through my galleries.  Share this with your own immediate family.  And then drop a note here on the blog in comments if you’re interested.  You don’t have to give locations or anything to protect your own privacy, but contact me and request a direct e-mail about the project.

In order to really get this rolling we’ll need to actually book the Eastern Bound part of the trip by July 1st.  So if you’ve got your vacation planned for August think about this opportunity now!  For those of you in New England, this is a working vacation.  So any date we’re in the area is game.  I would love to do a few photo sessions on Manchaug Pond!!!

For those on the Arizona Return Trip leg I’d love to hear from you as well.  I especially would LOVE to do a photo shoot in Damascus, Viriginia, Trail Town USA.

Further updates will be coming soon.  I really hope we can pull this project together!

White Pocket, AZ. Beautiful scene but......


Just a little more drama with a subject in the scene! Get the picture?


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