Blogger’s Block

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Okay, the blog has been really quiet lately.  I’ve heard from friends and family alike, “We keep checking in……and figure you must be busy.”  Busy is part of it, but the other part is a severe case of “blogger’s block.”  Similar to writers block.

Its funny, I’ve kept this blog updated for years and years.  And lately I don’t feel that I have much to post on.  It would mostly be blogs about what I’m currently working on, and nothing else.

  • Multiple large canvases for George Molnar.
  • Ongoing work for other clients.
  • Still finishing out the selections and edits from the recent wedding shoot.
  • Working on getting the word out about Portraits Across America.
  • Trying to devise new marketing plans.
  • Puttering about at home.
  • Etc, etc, etc

It really does leave me wondering how Kelby, McNally, and the rest of the imaging experts keep up with blogging so much.  You get to a point being busy with work, and not wanting to work after hours on the blog.  But somehow I’ve got to get re-inspired to update more often.  I think if I were on the road again we’d see more posting…….

Has anyone noticed that the blog started tapering off after the house?  Coincidence?  Ah, maybe being in the shiny Airstream inspires more blogging.  I wouldn’t be surprised.

So, here’s my thinking.  If we want to get passed this block I think I really do need a road trip.  So I need your help.  Get the word out on Portraits Across America.  Help me to take a trip home, take some interesting photos, and get the old blogging back to where it should be!  😉

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