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Ring around the Dells

Richard Charpentier Arizona, Prescott Leave a Comment

Dear Monsoons,

I’ve noticed a pattern.  Huge cloud builds.  Thunder.  Lightening.  Downpours in town.  The works.

Of course, the works are going on downtown, in Prescott Valley, up in Chino…..all around me.  But in the Granite Dells?  Nah.  Some sprinkles, a few moments of actual rain, some wind, and then it all splutters out.

Looking at Watson Lake I can tell you, we need the rain here.  So how about it Monsoons?  One big mega cloud right above the Dells.  Maybe an hour of rain straight on through?  Please????



In all seriousness folks, it’s like there’s an invisible shield around the Dells making sure the monsoons just don’t dump rain here.  Odd but true!

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