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It’s all about who you know

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Apparently I know a lot of people in this town.  Walking down Whiskey Row I often get waves, smiles, and a “Hey Rich.”  And I think to myself, what the heck is that person’s name……..  🙂

I know some pretty nice folks around Prescott.  Fun people too.  Especially the gang over at the Art Store and The Frame and I.  They’re always fun.

Yesterday I had a quick opportunity to photograph Ben.  He’s the newest addition to the Art Store.  Former chemist, brewer of interesting alcohol, and a very interesting guy.  Ben also has been known to wear a kilt.  And yesterday he happened to be wearing one.  So, we had a quick shoot at the studio before Art Walk really got rolling.  And last night I did a little quick editing just for fun.  The results?

Ninja styling....booze....and a kilt.....all in a wild and green spot here in Prescott.

I snatched one of my photos from Monday with Laura Mountain, popped Ben into it, and Voila!  This composite needs a little more work and play with the lighting, but not bad for a 5 minute composite, right?

Like I said, I know some fun people!


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    Yup. It’s another post on the main page. A Vimeo video which cracked me up. Apparently it’s on auto play. One more post will relegate it to page 2 and won’t be heard any more unless you seek it out. 🙂

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    LOL! Well, we weren’t going for Mr. Rogers ya know. Of course, we did want a Teddy Bear for the shoot, but the Salvation Army store had 0 Teddy Bears available. Shame.

  3. Why there are even folks in Montana who enjoy saying hello to you!! Just back from an 8-day river trip down the Missouri and catching up. In fact, we may just call and say hello and talk Airstreams, which we certainly continue to enjoy. Understand about Airstream size limitations which you mentioned in earlier posting!

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