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PalatkiFor weeks I’ve been writing about the big life changes, new business, time at the gallery, prints, etc.  But it struck me this morning that I haven’t even shared the actual business name, or more importantly, what exactly it is that I’m doing.  Wow, talk about skipping over a few of the details.

The new business is named R.L. Charpentier Photography, LLC.  Pretty catchy, eh?  Wonder if we could come up with a jingle or something……?

Now, what am I doing with the business.  Of course you know that I’ve partnered up with the Ian Russell Gallery.  So I clearly sell my prints at the gallery.  I also produce my prints now with the new HP Z3100 that we have on hand.  A picture of what I’m up to is starting to come together.  But what else goes on here?

Here’s the breakdown of services to this point:

  • Reproduction of my own photography work.
  • Reproduction of Ian Russell’s paintings.
  • Giclee’ reproductions for local artists looking for a local printer.
  • Giclee’ reproductions for anyone walking in off the street who wants to create a nice print of their own work.
  • Scanning of both negative and positives from 35mm film, 35mm slides, 4×5 positives & negatives, and flat work up to 8.5 x 11.
  • Color correction of scans and customer’s original digital works.
  • Image enhancement for customers.  Image recovery as well.
  • Printing on Canvas, Glossy Paper, Matte Paper, Watercolor Paper, and synthetics if clients require it.
  • Macintosh consulting.  Have a Mac software question….  I can help.
  • Software training, network installations, and Web Site creation and maintenance.  This service is at my discretion, and I only take on clients that I select.

Well, that covers just about everything that I’m doing right now.  I’ve had multiple requests for photography and Photoshop classes, and I’m looking into that for the Spring.  That sure would be fun, and I do love teaching!

If you want to see price sheets and breakdowns for my services just stop by my main site,  It’s all there!

By the way….Today’s post photo is of the Palatki Ruins from a unique vantage point that is closed to the public.  Fortunately during a recent visit I was allowed to shoot from a closed section (thanks to a nice site host).  This week I reproduced this image on a 32 x 48″ Canvas Gallery wrap and it turned out to be an amazing print!

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