The Montezuma County Fair

Rolling with the weather

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IMG_8546After a few months of marathon work, I’ve been looking forward to a short get away that’s just for fun.  And I had an idea in mind as to exactly what I wanted to do…..  So far it’s not panning out as I had hoped, but hey you can’t control the weather!

In 2006 I popped through Cortez Colorado on my way to Tampa Florida for some medical testing.  The morning I left Cortez I was treated to something pretty cool.  The sky full of hot air balloons.  Sadly I had a schedule to keep if I was going to get to Tampa on time, so I had to head out that morning!  But I promised myself I’d return one day for the Cortez Balloon Rally.  And this year I finally found myself with the time and money to come back for the balloons……

Sadly this morning’s overcast skies and promise of thunderstorms kept the balloons grounded.  We just returned from the park in Cortez where we watched the balloonists looking up at the sky and deciding whether or not to unpack and fire them up.  Given the forecast, nobody unpacked their rigs, and big trucks with trailers and balloon baskets pulled out of the field.

And I set my alarm for this and everything!

The Southwest can always use all the rain it can get.  So I can’t complain too much about the weather.  After spending years out here I know that rain is always welcome.  But not on the Balloon Rally day…..

We’ll be out here a while longer.  The Montezuma County Fair is also under way, and we’ll be revisiting that today in between the rain storms.  And of course, there’s always tomorrow.  Maybe the forecast will change dramatically and we’ll see some balloons dotting the sky….



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