Travel Safety – Something I rarely think about

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IMG_1141Over all of my travels one thing that’s never really concerned me is safety / security.  Camping out in the desert alone, parked in big RV Parks, staying at state campgrounds, BLM sites, and other boondocking locations.  Safety and Security rarely cross my mind.

Well, to be totally honest….Quartzite didn’t feel that safe during the off season.  But that’s been the only place I really had concerns.

Being out with other RV’ers camping in cool locations, I’ve never worried about break ins or someone messing with my stuff.  99% of the people I’ve met traveling are just like me.  They want to enjoy themselves where they are.  They’re not eyeballing what’s at my site.  And I’m not eyeballing their stuff either.  You know why?

I have no additional space for their junk in the first place!

Unfortunately the other night one of our neighboring campers had their Yeti Cooler stolen right out of their site.  Those are some sweet coolers.  Almost as awesome as my Pelican cooler….which was left outside of the Airstream that night as well.

So yesterday I ran into town and finally bought a big chain.  I’ve already got padlocks lying around for camera gear, so I re-purposed 2 locks for the cooler and generator.  I have to say, it’s a bit of a bummer.  Travel safety rarely pops to mind with so many nice people around us.  But I have heard (very rarely) of campers being broken into, vehicles too.  So yeah, it’s hitting home for me that while I’m out enjoying myself there are some who would profit by my absence.

Gear shift

On another note….  Here I was being all stealthy about my next location.  I was planning on flooding this website with beautiful balloon photos.  Balloons floating toward the Rockies, balloons over Mesa Verde, and balloons being blown up at the start of the rally.  Instead all I have to show for this past weekend are photos of downpours, and pictures of where I sat on the couch often.  I’ve got a little video from Guild Wars 2 as well (what else do you do in a downpour).

Hopefully we’ll gather some new and interesting photos from the next location.  We’ll have to wait and see.  Oh, and just to show you mother nature totally has a sense of humor.  Beautiful clear blue skies today……

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