Sneaking away for a 2 day adventure

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While I’m still out on the verdict with the jaw (healed or not healed, toxic or benign), I’m stir crazy beyond words.  Seriously, there’s only so much couch time a man can take.

So, tomorrow morning I’m jetting off for an overnight adventure.  Lots of driving for such a short trip, but hey, you go when you can.  And my old friend from Florida, Tom, has popped up as he’s doing a contract out here for a few weeks.  So, we figured what the heck, take a trip already!

Oh, and get some time with the 5D Mark II again.

Guess where I’m going……..  Go ahead, guess away.  I’ll clue you in a little.

Two words.

First word is a color.

Second word is the last word in the title of a book that contains this statement.  There’s a Noothgrush on my Toothbrush

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  1. red rocks? just a guess, like i’m guessing it is a seuss book. mom never let me read dr. seuss.

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  3. “There’s a wocket in my pocket” as the late San Diego resident, Dr. Seuss wrote.

    Have a great time at Bolsillo Blanco, EEE HA!!!

  4. no, still didn’t get it until i went back through past posts to show my naturopath your photography. white pocket white pocket white pocket

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