So far, so good

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As you can clearly see, the snow is coming down at a rapid pace.....oh wait.....

Well, the storm here in AZ has not flooded 3/4’s of the state to my knowledge. We have not slid off into the Gulf of Mexico, folks aren’t stranded all over the place, and so far the Airstream hasn’t floated down to Phoenix……


I’m sorry I can’t blog some super sensational story at this moment. So far, gray skies, cold breezes, a few downpours mixed in with some snow. Watson and Willow lakes have not refilled yet. And the Airstream Flamingos are standing strong outside.

What did I wake up to this morning?  Blue skies and a dusting of snow.  Nothing more.  Current conditions as I write this post can best be gauged by the photos I’ve included in the post.

So far, the big storm here in Prescott can be classified as a non-event.  Does that mean that conditions won’t change?

At present the Gallery is not snow bound. Heck, I went outside without my jacket. 🙂

Are you kidding?  I just called the storm a non-event.  Now it has something to prove!  See, I’m egging it on.  We really do need the rain.  Personally, I’ll take a pass on the snow, but will be happy to see continued rain!

As conditions change I’ll be sure to update here.  So far, little to say on the subject.

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  1. It’s heading your way. Here in San Diego we’ve been absolutely deluged today. Extremely high winds and lots of rain. Yesterday’s storm was a ho hummer. Today is another story. A tornado was even spotted. This is So Cal for goodness sakes. And the biggest storm is behind this one. Swell. Batten down those hatches.

  2. You southwesterners…a little moisture and it’s a storm panic! We had several feet of snow already this year and we’re just fine in Colorado (of course we’re SUPPOSED to get that, and we’re used to it…so, it’s all relative! 🙂 )

    Just kidding though – glad all is still standing strong…

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