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Tsunami on the Square Fund Raiser

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Tsunami on the Square is one of those “favorite events” that I really think means something to Prescott. I remember my first year living here, and my impression of the town due to all the amazing events that go on during the warmer months. Quite a selection.

My personal favorites? The Blue Grass Festival and Tsunami on the Square.

Well, even though we’re months away from Tsunami, it is time to start thinking about the event now!  I just received an e-mail this morning regarding a fund raiser for Tsunami taking place this weekend at Tis.  I thought I should pass along this weekend’s event to readers, just in case you wanted to join in for the first fund raiser this year.

Tsunami functions on donations, and as we all know the economy hasn’t been much fun lately.  In order to make sure that another great Tsunami takes place, folks need to start thinking about it now.  Last year’s event had mixed reviews with folks I spoke with.  And I know one issue was funding.  So, let’s help Tsunami on the Square early this year, that way event planners can put on yet another amazing show.


If you can’t attend this weekend’s fund raiser you can still donate to Tsunami.  Check out the main page at Tsunami’s site, and a little way down on the left is a PayPal donation button.  Feel free to donate away!

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