You know that storm they’ve been talking about…..?

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A snowy Airstream morning

Well, it finally arrived. Of course, we were hearing all week that it was going to storm for the whole week…..

Yesterday was a beautiful day with blue skies. Ian hid out at the gallery instead of doing masonry work…..the forecasters burned him pretty good.  No difference when it comes to weather reports, they always seem to be inaccurate!

This morning at 5:30 a.m. I woke up.  I heard an odd sound.  It was a slide / bump sound.  Snow sliding off the Airstream’s roof and then thudding on the ground.  I knew immediately what the sound was.  The snow had finally arrived.

As you can see from my early morning photo (3 exposure HDR), no biggie so far.  Only a few inches here in the Dells.  Of course, it’s still snowing as I type.  How much will we get?  That’s anyone’s guess.  I’m not going to speculate.

The whole thing doesn’t bode well for business today.  Actually the whole week has been slow.  I think folks were hiding out due to the “impending doom” weather reports.  Such a simple thing as weather can make or break a week for small businesses in downtown Prescott.  And in my opinion, our week has been pretty well ruined by storm news, and now finally the storm itself.

So, what’s that mean?  Well, everyone needs to get out when the weather is done doing its thing and buy some art at the gallery!  😉  Gotta make up for the super slow week you know!

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  1. Love, love the photo, Rich!! This would/should be a winner in one of those Forum monthly photo contests.

    BTW, have you looked at the wind forecasts for the next wave coming later today, tonight and tomorrow. Here in the Phoenix area gusts are predicted at 60+ mph. With the sort of soggy ground, that ought to be a major tree-toppler.

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    We had 70 mph winds a few weeks ago with one of the quick storms that rolled through. The Airstream didn’t roll over. 🙂

    I think I’ll go out and shake the trees near my Airstream. They’re hanging very heavy right now. Of course, it’s still snowing as I type.

  3. Hey, what is this? You said it never ever rained or snowed in the desert areas of Anza Borrego and Prescott. Isn’t that what you said? And, now, here you are buried in snow and us engulfed by rains. Well, you stay warm and we’ll stay dry. Cozy here and it’s a good day to get stuff done. Maybe start to learn HDR so I can post imagines with great latitude, like my friend Rich.

  4. great image, Rich. Did you use a flash to get the Airstream reflection ? Not looking forward to the high winds, but it does kind of take me back to NH.

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