So, here’s what bit me yesterday

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The restore of the gallery Mac overnight was a success.  It kept grinding away by the close of business, and I finally called it quits and headed home knowing the restore would continue.  Happily when I arrived at the gallery this morning there were no error messages, instead I was informed it was a successful restoration.

All good.

Once I rebooted my software update window popped up again.  Since I went back to an image of the drive from last Thursday I have some recovery to do, and updates to do.  And the software update window was one of the things that showed up immediately.

Take a look at the list of update items.  See what bit me in the backside?  Yeah.

Every time Apple puts an HP Printer update out it hoses me.  Every single time.  And I know that.

Clearly I didn’t pay attention to the update list and its my own fault.  Shame on you Rich.  🙁

So, the lesson you can learn?  Always read your update list!

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  1. I’ve shied away from commenting about HP printers and Apple because I know you had such a hard time in the past, however, here will say that I have never had HP printers connect well to an Apple, whether it be locally or across a network. The two dont play nice together…

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    Yeah, I’ve known since month number two of operation NEVER to take updated print drivers from Mac. Only get them from the vendor. That goes for the new IPF8300 as well. The update hosed it too the other day. It just really created havoc!

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