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So, how are you liking your 5D?

Richard Charpentier Arizona, Canon Cameras, Notes from Rich 9 Comments

dust-1I’m liking it just fine.  I like it so much that today I filled it with volcanic cinders and then drop kicked it for good measure……..


Ok, I didn’t really personally fill it with volcanic cinders.  However, I was hanging around a place loaded with cinders and I got some dust spots on the sensor already.  I also got another mystery piece of junk on the sensor that I found when shooting at F22.

The horror!

In order to share the complete horror I’ve cropped the tar out of 2 photos to show you what I saw on my image sensor.  I really had to zoom in to see it, but it’s there for sure.  The second image is even more startling than the first.

dustsecond-1Image number 2 prompted an “in the field” cleaning when I returned to the Versa.  It was too much to bear.  Some type of strange fiber showing up in a few shots.  I got everything ready for cleaning at the car and then it happened……The 5D took a dive!

I shot at F22 a lot to see what was going on.  Not on the lens, definitely on the sensor.  Funny, a few days ago this strange fiber was on my viewfinder, I even saw it, and I blew it out with my little rocket blower.  Looks like it didn’t get blown out, it headed to the sensor.

Fortunately the camera survived its spill, I got most of the dust out, and now I’m going to sit down with the Arctic Butterfly and do a cleaning.

Clearly the 5D is going to have a hard life with me.  Hiking, scrambling on rocks, and living in a super dusty state.  Let’s all hope it survives life at the Airstream!

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  1. I am amazed at the beating the new dslr’s can take. Two weeks ago, I was up at Sunset Crater, with those wicked high winds. And as I got out of the car, camera bag in hand, the wind gusted the bag upsidedown, dropping the nikon d200 onto the pavement. It bounced twice as I watched in horror! I picked it up, and the only damage was the lens hood snapped in two, which is probably what saved the lens. Otherwise, no damage. Anyway, lesson learned.

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    It’s on the same order Tombo. I thought of you afterward….. Ah, the things we do to the equipment we value!

    David, my camera bounced twice too! I heard (very loudly) each bounce.

    My bigger issue is the dust on the sensor (it was there all day at F22). I’ve cleaned and I’ve cleaned, and we’re near “better” again. But good grief, the dust was there way before the bouncing 5D……

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    Oh, Tombo if my camera ever goes off a cliff I’ll be right behind it! Course I’ll have a harness on and I’ll be “speed rapelling.”


    How’s the new Nikon sir?

  5. Speed repelling eh? Sounds like fun.

    The new Nikon is nice. I haven’t been doing a ton of shooting lately due to personal crapola, but I’m hoping to kick it into gear in the coming months.

  6. Ugh I just noticed spots on my XTI @ F14…is it pretty easy to clean the sensor myself, or do you recommend just taking it into a local shop?

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