Classic Airstream at Imperial Dam

Something Robotic This Way Comes…..

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The works of CS Fritz are coming to life!

I always knew C.S. Fritz was larger than life……now his giant robots have found new life.  And some are large as life!

That’s right, the robots have come off the canvas!  New miniature metallic robot creations have found their way to the Ian Russell Gallery.  And one “not so miniature” robot is standing watch near the front window here too!

CS Fritz’s friend Andrew Silveira has started making metal creations of Casey’s whimsical giant robots!  They are truly alive!  And I had a ton of fun shooting several of the new pieces this morning!

Okay.....I might have gone a little too far....artistic license and all. 🙂

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  1. Love the last picture; really well done!… (except for the robot legs’ shadow being at about a 40 degree angle compared to the building shadows…)

  2. Post

    LOL Michael. That last one was literally a 2 minute edit, and yup, didn’t do the shadow justice. It’s way off kilter, but I really wanted the shadow of the kid on the swing in the image. Maybe I’ll really work on it some time. 🙂

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