Sometimes you’ve been inside too long

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I don’t know about you, but after being cooped up for days on end due to illness, bad weather, or anything else that keeps you inside, don’t you just get to that edgy point where you’ve got to go out?  You’ve stared at the same four walls (in my case, rounded walls that seem to blend together in the Airstream) for so long that you’re ready to start climbing them…..  The place starts seeming excessively run down.  Maybe you’ve been in so long that you feel like the paint is peeling right off the walls and the floor boards are rotting under your feet!  Bottom line, you’re on edge and it’s time to get out into the big broad world no matter how you’re feeling……

So, you pop your best top hat on, brush off that woolen suite, take one last look around, and head out into the world!

Well, that’s what I did today.  Got out and about.  Shook off the “been indoors too long” funk.  Showered off that “been indoors too long” funk prior to heading out too!  I even got a little photography in again today, which was great.  Some further experimentation pushing beyond what’s “normal” for me.  And hopefully I shook off that edgy “shut in” feeling I’ve had over the past few days for good……..

By the way, the shot in today’s post is not an image of me.  I have not ever been seen in a top hat, nor in a wool suit, especially in Arizona.  However, folks have been known to wear them, and if you look in the right places you might run across one or two! Just make sure you’ve got your camera along, just in case!

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  1. This image is astounding!! Those eyes, the textures, the tones. Everything about this works perfectly. Bravo!!!

  2. Post

    Thanks Mike! It’s one of the images that jumped out at me while sorting last night and it got flagged as a pick immediately. The post processing is extremely light handed. The initial image worked pretty quickly.

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