Sort, select, delete, and repeat……

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Almost sounds like laundry day doesn’t it? Well, actually it is laundry day here at the Airstream, but we’re not talking about that right now. I’ll post about laundry some other time.

Today I’m finishing the offloads from this weekend’s “Tsunami on the Square.”  I shot way too much, and when shooting with the 5D Mark II on full RAW shooting too much can mean a lot of memory……  A LOT!

Andrew sporting his Fez and working on his "pirate" look. Arghhhh matey!

By 4 p.m. on Saturday I had filled my new 16GB UDMA card.  For the “gotta know more” crowd, I purchased a San Disk Extreme 16GB UDMA card on an amazing sale, so I couldn’t ignore it.  And up until this weekend I’ve never filled the card.  🙂  Go figure, event photography can really fill a card fast, especially when it’s a fun event!

After yesterday’s Lightroom 3 class that I conducted I can say with confidence, “Let the sorting begin!”  Additionally, I’m looking forward to really putting Lightroom’s latest features to the test when it comes to post processing.  I’d like to spend the bulk of my time with “post” in Lightroom for this round of photos.  I’m sure I’ll use Photoshop here and there, but I’d really like to share my insights on the power of Lightroom this week.  🙂

Okay, off to sort, select, delete, and repeat…….say that phrase over and over again to a lilting tune…..and don’t blame me when you can’t get it out of your head!

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  1. You realize of course that by using “Fez” in a photo description that you lost probably 90% of the U.S. population in terms of comprehension! LOL

    Cool shots, looks like a fun time regardless of the aftermath of sorting, selecting, deleting and repeating (is it wrong I have the same approach to whittling away from event shoots?)

  2. Post

    Ah, somewhere in the recent photos someone other than Andrew is wearing a Fez……maybe we should have a “Find the Fez” contest……

    Don’t you love Lightroom? I mean really, its great for the whole whittling down process.

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