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Starting the New Year off with something very different……

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Igor, the supposed Russian Spy. Great lighting guy to be sure!

Well, the first day of the New Year found me having just an odd but interesting day.  A quick trip to the gallery to burn some vacation photos for my friend Jodi who is visiting AZ right now, then a ride over to one of Ian’s friends’ houses to drop some gear for Rob, another trip to the gallery, a little visiting around town, another trip to check in on Rob, and finally a stop back home.  Oh, and several hours at the gallery today “post reconstruction.”  There will be more of the last item tomorrow!

A busy first day of the year.

Rob was busy today doing a series of pieces.  He’s been invited by a nationally known magazine to submit some works, and if all goes well, he’ll be photographing for them soon.  Talk about an interesting opportunity!  Good luck Rob, you’ve got many folks pulling for you!

While Rob was getting ready to shoot and shooting I was playing “behind the scenes” photographer.  Getting some shots of the folks helping out, getting shots of Rob, and doing some candid stuff.  Honestly, I was also checking out his lighting setup, and what goes on.  I’ve been out on one of his shoots previously, and I had fun photographing the crew and all that goes into what he does.  It’s interesting.  And a lot of work!

Last time I went along with Rob we had so many people along.  Generators were pulled out on location with 4 Wheelers.  2 people set up the lighting, another helped with gear, another was wandering around doing who knows what.  And then the models.  And finally, me.  The guy photographing the photographer.

How come I don’t have a crew coming along with me to lug my gear?  Hmmmmmm…….

Rob looking all serious.

So, I did what interests me again today.  Photos of what was going on.  The candid stuff.  I dig that.  I mean, that’s how I shoot people when I do.  Personally, I still enjoy landscape, architecture, travel photography, and climbing photography (I gotta start doing that again this year).  No poses, no lights, no sets.  For me, easy.  For others, not so easy.

We’ve all got our thing.  Rob’s is stylized lighting, stylized production, and extremely stylized results.  Hey, I admire it, but it doesn’t mean I don’t like what I do.  Just a different take with the same media.  And it’s fun!

I popped in and out of the shoot several times.  Rounded up some fun photos of Rob & Igor.  Igor, by the way, is Rob’s lighting guy.  Rob’s lucky to have him.  Igor is an amazing assistant who really makes Rob’s shoots.  Lights ready, power set, and anything that needs to change gets corrected in an instant.  Like a great caddy to a golfer.  Makes the difference if you ask me.

I wonder what Igor thinks about landscape photography, hiking through sand dunes, and remote locations.  I also wonder if he’d like to carry 40lbs of gear for me…….Wonder what his hourly rate is?  🙂

Rob & Igor practicing on me. Let's hope the shots of me don't see the light of day!

What was your New Year’s day like?  Restful.  Eventful?  Full of photos, fun, and relaxation?  I hope so.  Welcome to 2010.  I’ll make sure to keep shooting, keep learning, and popping up what I can here!  Hope everyone had a great day!

Note:  No edits to the photos in this post.  Straight out of the camera.  Hey, I can light indoors….it just isn’t as cool as playing outside with available light!  I’m such a landscape junkie!  🙂

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