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Oh, good grief.  New Year’s resolutions.  How quickly do they get broken?  Seriously, in no time normally.

Today I saw a great list over at MostlyLisa’s site, and I’m linking to her post.  In my opinion, she’s offering a “doable” list.  Something that one can achieve instead of the insane New Year’s resolutions people make.  You know, like looking 29 again, even at 38.  Not saying that’s something on my radar screen or anything.

Reading through Lisa’s list I was pretty happy.  Most of her items are things I already do.  But for other photographers out there, I’d suggest giving her list a good read through.  Who knows, it might inspire a few ideas of your own.  It’s inspired a few for me!  😉

Rich’s Photographic Resolutions for 2010

  1. Gain more experience with using strobes:  This past year I have definitely played with lighting.  Normally I use natural light only, but I’ve been inspired on multiple fronts.  Friends and internet friend photographers alike have pushed me to want to get better with portable lighting.  It’ll just expand the range of possibilities in front of me.
  2. Go Totally Manual More Often:  Ah, Josh Gosell has inspired this one.  I lay this point totally with him.  Fortunately I haven’t used “automatic” in many, many years.  But I do find myself relying on Aperture Priority too often.  Manual means full control, and I want as much control as possible in my whole photographic workflow.
  3. Applying New Post Processing Techniques: Over the course of the past year I’ve learned a lot of new Photoshop techniques.  Well beyond the drop in plugin suites like Topaz.  Yup, I’ve been really going to town on the learning curve.  Now’s the time to apply more of these for stylized art pieces, or just to see what the results are!
  4. Less HDR: I’m sure for a regular reader you just gasped.  But yes, less HDR.  More of number 3.  Or more of a mix.  I don’t know, we’ll have to wing it on this one and see where I land.  🙂
  5. Get Comfortable With People: Well, I’m a friendly guy, and I’m comfortable with people.  What I’m totally uncomfortable with is approaching folks in order to photograph them.  I’ve watched many friends this year make some amazing photos of people they don’t even know.  I want to try that, just to broaden my horizons.  So…..gotta get past that awkward feeling and ask folks, “Would you mind posing for me sometime?”  Last year I saw one person that I thought would make a great retro 20’s shot, but I just didn’t want to bother them.  Missed opportunity for sure!
  6. Continue My Photoshop Learning: There’s always something new to learn.  Going forward I will do one new class at KelbyTraining per week.  No excuses, no interruptions!  I’ve learned so much there, and while I’m still a member (I will be renewing) I need to fully utilize the classes.  They’re great.
  7. Adobe Certifications: I love to teach.  I teach almost daily at the gallery.  Talking with photographers about improving their shots, and I certainly give away a lot of information.  This year, income available of course, I’d like to take some more of the Adobe Certification tests.  I’d love to do higher end seminars on several Adobe products, not just Photoshop.
  8. Shoot More! I haven’t really been shooting since the end of November.  Sure, a snapshot here and there, but nothing that I’m really interested in.  Business has gotten in the way.  Of course, taking pictures is part of my business.  Smaller trips, quick local outings, whatever it takes.

Well, there you have it.  My photography list for the New Year.  Of course, visit cool locations, but that’s not really a resolution.  I already do that as often as I can, so it’s not really part of the list.

Outside of photography, I simply resolve to have the year I need to have.  This is the “make or break” year.  Get the gallery paying me a decent living wage, or find an outside revenue source and let the business take a backseat.  So, I’m extremely motivated to get a 1 year old business moving ahead of schedule.  Pretty straightforward goal, and it’s going to take some work.  Fortunately, I’ve never been afraid of hard work!

Now I’m off to check out what other folks have resolved for the year.  Bet I’ll run across “6 pack abs” somewhere on someone’s site!

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