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The changes at the Ian Russell Gallery are nearly complete.  The print room has almost doubled in size!  And we’re still reorganizing, but I thought I’d share a few snapshots from today!

The newly expanded print room. Not quite wrapped up yet, but we're almost there.

A look at the changes to the main gallery area.

Ian giving the "Stink Eye" to the camera. Mr. Hankey in the foreground. Un-eaten lunch near Ian.

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    Yes, there is a great deal of merchandise in the gallery. We’ve got 4 bronze artists, 2 different painters, 2 photographers, 3 different types of potters, jewelers, word artists….and more. Whew. 18 artists are hosted with us in total.

    And now, the print area has expanded to just the right size making my job, and life, a little easier.

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