Stomach bug

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Friday mid-day I started feeling really wrong.  Within hours the “total wreck” feeling came.  Needless to say, I left work a few hours early.

Good timing.  By the time I got home I became extremely ill.

From 3 p.m. Friday through about 6 a.m. Saturday I mostly slept.  Hard to keep anything in.  A little water and some Gatorade.

Yesterday the day was spent in and out of conciousness.  A little food was had, but nothing substantial.

Today I’m still wiped out, but I’m going to try to get out there.  Cross your fingers for me.  Going to try some breakfast too.

Watch out, this stomach bug has been going around, and it’s a doozie!

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  1. Hi Rich~

    I JUST got over this. It kicked me in the head twelve ways to Sunday …

    Thanks for checking in with me the other day. Doing well, if still a little weak from lack of food the past couple days.

    Hope this finds you well on your way to mending. It’s been exciting watching the gallery saga unfold for you!


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