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Hey, everyone needs a testimonial now and again, right? Especially if you’re starting up workshops for the first time. Folks attending might want to know whether or not the workshop is going to be worth your while……

Well, before we get to a few recent comments / testimonials I’ll give you a little additional background.  Can Rich teach?

Before photography became my primary job, I was a network engineer.  Then a regional manager, and finally a director of Network Operations.  Beyond database development, running switches, cell towers, etc., there was an important role that I played in each organization I worked for.  Training documentation development.  Not that boring documentation……I couldn’t handle doing it that way.  Instead, I wrote documentation that any person off the street could pick up and use.

Did my documentation work?  Well, I can think of several folks right off the street who are now senior managers in large wireless corporations who started with me and had no wireless background.  The only requirement I think you really need to meet when learning something is an interest.  If you’re interested in a subject you’re willing to learn.  Then what you need is decent instruction.

Does that mean anyone can do anything?  Not necessarily.  There’s got to be some skill and talent.  But I think interest is a huge factor when learning something new……..

With that in mind, what have people said recently regarding my one on one training and workshops?  And what was said after a recent presentation?

As a professional photographer for the past 30 years I was delighted when Rich invited me to join him on a photo shoot at Vulture Mine. Vulture is full of possibilities, but by its very nature this old ghost town is full extreme highlights and dark shadows. Capturing it could be a nightmare — unless you understand HDR and several photo programs. I’ve seen Rich’s work on his blog and in his print studio in Prescott, so knew he understood the medium. But could he explain it? Well, not only is he a good ghost town person but he seems so thoroughly versed in the nuances of PhotoShop and Lightroom that after several days I thought he could write the manual.
For any wanting to learn about this much-changed world of photography I can’t say enough about the capabilities of this talented photographer.

Bert Gildart

My most recent one on one student had a great comment too……

I’ve been taking digital photography classes and Photoshop classes for the past 3 semesters.  In the past hour you showed me more about my camera and Photoshop then I’ve learned during that 3 semesters!

Steve L

I was a little nervous about that particular one on one session.  Steve is one of those tough clients.  He wants every dollars worth he can get out of something, and he’s always challenging about print reproduction prices.  So, before we had our one on one I was sweating it big time.  But hearing that statement from him, and then scheduling class #2 told me, yes, there’s definitely value there.

Another one on one session actually ended up being a 2 on 1 session.  My client brought a family member along who recently purchased a DSLR……

After our first class together I knew I needed to bring my sister along.  I figured if you could get me shooting so much better in an hour that this would help her as well.

Shari P

From my most recent seminar I heard the following statement from a fellow tech instructor to the group I spoke with.

You all know that I’m a trainer for Large Corporation Name.  I write tech documentation on multiple platforms, and I’ve been doing it for decades.  What we have here in Rich is a Subject Matter Expert that not only understands the technology, but who can talk to people in plain English and get them to understand complex subjects.  That’s a rare thing.

Allan L

If you need more testimonials I’ll be popping them up on the RichCharpentier.com site under the Workshops heading soon.

And don’t forget, the signups for the first 2 workshops are still online.  Get in sooner rather than later.  The White Pocket April and October trips are still wide open.  And you’ll be happy to know, in March I’ll be taking out fellow blogger / photographers for the “practice” workshop on White Pocket.  This is going to be a fantastic workshop, and running it by peers in the industry who do the same thing is one way to make sure clients get a polished experience.

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