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Snap Snap for 15 years

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Today I stopped by Sadira’s shop while it was snowing pretty hard. Why venture out in poor weather?

To say happy anniversary to her. See, her business, Snap Snap, has been around for 15 years now! What an accomplishment!

As a new small business owner I really appreciate what it takes to make your business work.  Personally, I’m still in the “struggling” phase.  Business pays for itself, and sporadically over the past few months it pays me.  Getting it to grow is a lot of work, and I wonder too often, will I make it?

So, seeing Sadira in her small business is an inspiration.  And know that she’s done it for 15 years successfully inspires a little more.  That’s worth a trip into town on a snowy yucky day in order to say Congratulations!

Well done Sadira!  You should be proud!  I hope you had some business in and out today.  I’m sure not many people were out, but hopefully the anniversary vibes made it out to the local population and customers came in today to celebrate with you.

Now, here’s hoping that in 15 years somebody stops in and gives RL Charpentier Photography a big thumbs up for surviving as long!  🙂

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  1. Thank you.

    I wish I had some magic advise to give you or some fantastic words of wisdom…and while I’m usually so chatty, when I think of what I’ve done with Snap Snap over the years…sometimes I run out of words. I think that perhaps I started the shop when I was too young to know what could happen…and for whatever reason it was sheer determination that kept Snap Snap and I moving along together. I know that it is a combination of myself and a million hands helping…I am truly full of smiles today.

    Sometimes the things we do in life don’t really seem real until we share them with certain people.

    You have become one of those people to me.

    Thank you for sharing in this triumph Rich. Thank you for being in my life to witness it. Thank you for taking such a beautiful picture. And thank you for your enthusiasm for what I have accomplished…and capturing it so very perfectly forever.
    .-= sadira´s last blog ..Fifteen Years Later… =-.

  2. Great kudos and major congrats to Sadira for her entrepreneurial achievements – to “make it” as a self-employed, especially in this economy means you are doing something right!

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