The 5th of July saw more sun than the 4th

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Ah, today was almost the right type of day.  The rain blew out, and the wind stayed behind and continued blowing!

Jodi's 200mm

Jodi’s 200mm

This morning we got up to cool temps, a lot of wind, and puddles everywhere.  But the tropical storm has departed, and it left us with a very pretty day.  Aside from the wind all day it was ideal.  We used the day to have a little cook out over at my dad’s.  We were also supposed to photograph the boat decorating contest and boat parade, but with the winds there wasn’t a large turnout.  And with the choppy water I decided not to take the little “put put” boat out.



We did see several decorated boats in the afternoon.  Pretty cool.  They were out in some pretty rough water, which is why several boats didn’t come out for the contest today.  Ah well, you know what they say…..  New England weather, if you don’t like it wait 15 minutes (or move to AZ).

Crayons on the water!

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