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The blog is back….the evil robots have been defeated

Richard Charpentier Notes from Rich 1 Comment

Yeah, so if you’ve been checking by in the last 24 hours you might have noticed that my websites weren’t up.

Apparently some excessive e-mail loading on Media Temple hosed some things up.  Then some other things got hosed up too.  Then it was found there were Evil Robots involved.  Not giant robots, Casey Fritz had nothing to do with this (so far as they’ve found, but you know Casey and his robots).

With all that said, looks like the websites are back, although slow.  If it’s the same in the a.m. I’ll submit a trouble ticket with the kids over at Media Temple and tell them the robots are still messin’ round…….

Glad to be back “online” once more!

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  1. Sorry about that robot mess. They have indeed been defeated. We certainly appreciate your patience and humor in the matter and hope to keep things running smoothly from here on out. Should you experience latency or any other issues (robot related or not) feel free to hit us up on Twitter, in addition to the support phone line. We’re all available 24/7.

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