The business of being busy

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Today marks 6 days at the new location.  It also finds me fighting a cold, sore throat, “the drips”, and searching for a cherry Halls.

I have to say, moving a block from our old location has really made an impact.  And no, people aren’t showing up to check out the new location.  We’ve had tourist after tourist through the doors.  I think moving to Whiskey Row has made a huge difference!  Weird, eh?

So, what’s been happening for RL Charpentier Photography?

  • 16 paintings to match and reproduce this week.  Yup, 16!
  • Running 5 24×36 Optica One prints this morning for Derrick Reynolds.
  • Finishing Marcia Molnar’s matches this morning.
  • Running multiple 8×12 satins for a recent portrait client.
  • Passed along a disk to my recent portrait clients’ engagement shoot.  We’ll print later this week.
  • Ran 3 16×24 B&W Satins for a regular client from Phoenix.

I’ve been doing more, and that’s the short list of the major work from this week.  I’m also planning a fun photo series to be shot in the next few weeks.  It’s not going to be my standard work by any means.  A bit of a story line, some trees, some danger……fun!

Well, off to check the first 24×36.  The Canon is about to cut the sheet.

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