The Airstream's first satellite dish

The first HDR from this weekend’s trip

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I didn’t spend too much time sorting photos yesterday.  And I spent no real time editing anything.  As you can see in the prior post though, some of the scenes were just amazing and I don’t think a lot of heavy handed work will be necessary.

One photo did get an initial pass in HDR.  I picked this one because it was a favorite photo while out shooting in White Pocket.  It’s the last photo of the last post.  Where the sand dune meets the sand stone.

When setting up the shot I was pretty excited.  Sunrise illuminating the sand and sandstone.  The colors were popping all around us.  Interesting wispy clouds were overhead, and contrails were floating in the sky.  Those contrails sure did stay a while.  Sure somebody has a theory on that.

Anyhow, I really liked the scene and when I returned home it was one of the first images I looked for.  It looked cool in reality, looked nice on screen, and I had to try it out.  So……here it is.  Oh, and yes, I do like it very much thank you!


Where dunes and stone meet.

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    The place has captured my imagination. Coyote Buttes, Paria, Cottonwood Canyon Road…..the whole area is amazing. I could spend months there and not run out of things to shoot. Wait until I put up the next podcast. Lot’s of fun including me at 4:30 a.m. freezing in the truck….

    The way in is very challenging. Under 25 miles from 89A, but it takes hours to get there. The road condition from Poverty Flat to White Pocket was worse than the last trip in.

    Good to hear from you. How’s the Airstream???

  2. I saw this image on hdrspotting, the colours,definition and tone are fantastic. It looks like a magical location thats just made for HDR. Great technique, well captured.

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    Thanks for stopping by Ray. HDR Spotting rocks! I’ve found so many great images there. Glad you found me through the site. I’ll stop by and see what you’ve been doing there.

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