The latest upgrade to Topaz Detail, V2

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Last night I received an e-mail from Topaz. The latest version of Detail is out, and at first glance it’s seeming pretty cool!

This morning I quickly downloaded Detail V2 and did a little experimentation with the latest from Topaz.  What I found was a quicker load time, a more stylized interface, and more interest in working with Detail for future images!

Launching Topaz Fusion from Lightroom 2 is extremely simple!

The new Detail screen. Feels like Lightroom, doesn't it?

Some new presets were included with Detail V2

Playing around with Detail for about 45 minutes I found it to still be a powerful tool.  Thinking back to the speed of the original version I’ve got to say it’s much quicker now!  That’s a plus for folks who are impatient while editing (like me).  V2 is quick, and toying with the interface you see the results almost immediately.

Like the previous version, presets are available.  Personally I think the presets are a great way to learn.  Try each out, see what’s changed in the sliders, and you’ll quickly clue in to how Detail works.  Enjoy some effects in one preset, and different effects in another?  Pretty simple to combine several presets together and create your own!

So, if you’re a Detail user, the latest version is out.  And if you’re not, well Topaz offers trials of their software.

A quickly edited image using Detail. I really do like how detail handles detail enhancement!

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