The South is HOT!

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It was decided today that a short day of driving would be in order.  There’s no set schedule for getting anywhere at the moment, so why not take some time.  With that in mind….today’s drive was on the 2 lane highways of Georgia.  No Interstate travel at all.

Coming out of Dahlonega on the back roads and secondary highways (aka Blue Highways) was a little work.  Up this mountain, down that mountain, around this 25mph curve, down that 8% grade.  If you were behind me today you might have smelled my brakes for a little while.

Most of the 4 hours of drive time today was spent on Route 53 and then on Route 36.  We’ve landed in Trenton, GA.  I know, I know, such a short distance but that’s okay.  Tomorrow we’ll be in Tennessee in no time, and to Lawerenceburg in only a few hours.  Honestly it was just nice to get a few miles under the wheels in the “westward” direction!

It’s so hot….I’m melting!

Getting out of the Titan earlier today I got to experience what I haven’t in a long time.  A lot of heat combined with a lot of humidity.  We’ve had hot and humid days while working with Hiker Hostel, but nothing like today on the road.  Getting out at one gas station my glasses instantly fogged up.  It was nice and cool inside the truck, and just the opposite outside.  Wow, how did I live in Florida all those years?

The current temperature is 91, and according to my Intellicast App it feels like 95, with 59% humidity.  Bleh.

Once we got the Airstream parked I immediately broke out the power cable and hooked up to the campground’s power.  It was over 90 in the Airstream so I cranked up the Airconditioner and my Fantastic Fan Endless Breeze (love that little DC fan).  It’s now cooling off in here pretty quickly which is super!

KOA Refugee

Each cross country trip always has one KOA stop in it.  Coming out we found a nice one on the WV / KY border.  Today we stopped into the one north of Trenton, Georgia.  The rest of the trip will be state parks, Army Corps of Engineers, and maybe a BLM site.  As we get west we always find more options for overnights.  The east coast is sometimes difficult to find “cheap stays” with full hookups, and with this type of heat we need a full hookup!

The park that we’re at today is pretty nice.  Set way back in the woods, a pool, friendly hosts. has it rated at 4.5 stars.  So I knew we’d be okay stopping in.  $45 a night is a little steep, but in keeping with private campgrounds on the east coast (in my experience).

Oh, and KOA Refugee is a nod to the Trailer Park Troubadours who have a song with that title.  Now the song is in my head!  🙂

Tomorrow will find us in Lawernceburg for sure.  Stay a night or two?  We’ll see.  And then the westward motion will continue!

  • Date:  8/20/14
  • Camped at:  Turner’s Campsites
  • Fee:  $45.00 per night
  • Month total Camping:  $714
  • Average Nightly Cost:  $35.75
  • Mileage:  Oh…didn’t reset to odometer!  😛


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