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I admit it.  The blog has been neglected over the past week.  I looked at the little calendar of when I did and did not post, and I’m ashamed.  Poor blog.

A good deal has been going on with my work life.  It’s been a tough week, and the events that have been going on are not something I’ll blog on (yet).  Fortunately, the gallery is not a place that has caused stress.  The “tie over” job is the one that’s been the stressor.

My primary goal over the next few months will be to get the gallery to work for me on a paying basis.  So far it is covering it’s own bills, and that’s huge for a new business.  With the combination of the print services I’ll be offering to Northern Arizona I hope that the gallery will be able to replace the tie over job next year.

With that goal in mind I spent the bulk of yesterday working on some new poster prints.  Yes, the HP Z3100 isn’t here yet, but my old Canon is, and I’m using it!  My first “collection” series was printed yesterday, and it was a lot of fun to do.

I decided to create a few poster series last week.  See, the framed prints always cost more, and I wanted to do something that was more accessible.  Bad economy and all you know.  I think doing these series is a great solution.

Right now the following collections are in mind:

  • The “In Town Collection”, which was completed yesterday.  You’re looking at a few of the prints in that collection on today’s post.  Feel free to click on the photos, you might see a larger sized print.
  • Next up, “The Granite Dells Collection.”
  • “The Sedona Collection,” which should prove to be tough.  I have many favorites from Sedona.  What to choose, what to choose?
  • “The Route 66 Collection,” which will entail shots from Seligman, and areas along 66 near Seligman.  Over time I want to add more areas along the road.  Need a little more free time before I do that.

That’s the short list of what I’ll be working on in the coming weeks.

Oh, and these “poster prints” are all done on 13 x 19″ glossy photo paper.  So far each print looks extremely cool and I’m satisfied with the final results.  Guess if you want to see them you’ll have to pop by the gallery!  😉

Now off to start the day.  I think a haircut is in my future before heading in to work…….

Watch for a new post tomorrow as I try to resume a normal blogging pattern!

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  2. Happy Halloween!!

    I think the collections idea is a solid one…makes things more affordable.

    You know? Winslow and the “other” part of Route 66 (aka the tepee motel and the Twin Arrows)isn’t THAT far away…say, if you ever had a Monday off and were looking for something to do…

    Just sayin 😉

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