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Ah, finally I get to work on a project that I’ve been wanting to for years…..  About time.  Unfortunately I do not have the time that I really wanted.  But you take what you can get.

Thursday I’ll be setting off to the Grand Staircase Escalante.  Before you break out your maps understand this.  The Staircase is a HUGE area.  Cottonwood Canyon Road, Hole in the Rock Road, and so many off map uncharted places to hike, slots to explore, and more.  I’ve been wanting to spend a month in the area ever since my first visit to Cottonwood Canyon Road.  Instead of a month I’ve got 5 days.  Obviously I won’t get to explore everything I want to.  But this is a primer for the next visit!  🙂

Already packed

Yup, everything is ready to go.  Well, the camera gear isn’t all packed away because I have 2 portrait sessions tomorrow.  If I didn’t have those sessions I’d be on the road tomorrow.  A break from the standard grind is necessary.  So everything is loaded up and good to go.  The camera equipment will get loaded tomorrow night, and then 6 a.m. Thursday I’ll be on the road.

What’s coming along you ask?

  • The Nissan Titan:  How else would I get there?
  • Turbo Tent:  This off roader’s tent rocks.  Sure I’ve got all my hiking gear and ultra light tents, but since I’ll be “car camping” why not have a big tent I can walk around in?  I got it on the super cheap last year from  Seriously, more than 50% off list!!!
  • Trangia Stove:  I have 2 Trangias from when I hiked the Appalachian Trail.  Ten years later they still rock!
  • Thermarest sleeping pads:  Comfy!
  • Marmot Sleeping Bag:  Comfy times two.  Plus warm.
  • Yaseau Ham Radios:  Safety, ya know?
  • Spot Messenger:  Safety again.  Satellite messenger that really works well!
  • Fold up table:  Why sit in the dirt for dinner if you don’t have to?
  • Zip Dee Chairs:  The manufacturer of my Airstream awning also makes super chairs!
  • IPhone:  Of course, of course.  But I won’t be connected to any networks……
  • IPod Touch:  Be ready for some IPod made videos when I return.
  • Pelican Cases:  3 cases to be exact.  Cameras, camera gear, and safety for all of my electronics!
  • 2 5 Gallon Gas Cans:  Just in case, just in case.
  • Quick Air compressor:  Amazing little DC air compressor.  I’ll be deflating tires for the off roading, and when I need to re-inflate them this does the job quickly!
  • Max Trax Sand Ladders:  I love these things.  They’ve gotten me out of sand dunes twice now!  Well worth every penny spent!
  • Canon 5D Mark II:  Ah yes, the camera!
  • Canon 40D:  The backup
  • Canon G11:  The backup to the backup?
  • Lowe Pro Waterproof Backpack:  Some of the canyons require wading.  Others have chest deep water……  Hmmmmm…..
  • Osprey Backpack:  You know, I wish so hard that Osprey would create a backpackers camera bag.  I’m still not sold on any camera backpack!  Maybe I’ll have to re-engineer my Osprey at some point!
  • So much miscellaneous stuff:  Leatherman, waterproof bags, Mountainsmith storage bags, strobes, and more.  Of course, 3 primary lenses as well.  The 17-40mm (5D), 70-200 (5D), and the 10-22mm(40D).

If you can’t tell, I’m so excited to be heading out.  Check back next week to see photos from the trip, and maybe a video or two just for fun!


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    LOL! There are days I feel lucky, and days I don’t. Getting away for a few days will be great, especially considering all the great places around me I have to visit.

    You may just see a few images from Neon Canyon next week. If I get in there, then yup, super lucky guy. We’ll see how timing works out for all the other points I want to visit.

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